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At Donvale Christian College, we provide meaningful and challenging learning experiences that promote depth of understanding and foster curiosity, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial thinking.

Learning at Donvale is much more than classrooms and homework. There are many special interest groups across the Primary and Secondary schools which meet both within and outside the normal classroom hours. The thought-provoking Science classes in Primary Year Levels build towards innovative courses such 'Research Science' in Year 9. During lunchtimes, students in Primary and Junior Secondary may work individually or collaboratively towards the annual Victorian Science Talent Search competition.

A lunchtime walk around the classrooms may lead you to a group of students engrossed in a Wonder Workshop, where they engage in a rich series of learning tasks built around particular themes. Or you might encounter a session of Curiosity Club, which provides additional opportunities to foster student enquiry into the wider world.

After school, extra-curricular programs include chess coaching and the Primary robotics club, where students develop their skills in both coding and engineering as they work on a range of challenges linked to the First Lego League competition.

Competitions at all levels, particularly outside the boundaries of the school, provide students with opportunities to further develop their skills and knowledge in their areas of strength. The Da Vinci Decathlon, in the Junior Secondary year levels, is an academic competition designed to challenge and stimulate the minds of school students. Students compete in teams of eight across a wide range of disciplines from engineering and mathematics to art and poetry.

As well as a range of individual and subject-specific competitive events, there are also opportunities for Senior students to represent the school in areas such as inter-school debating, the Youth Parliament program which takes place each July, and the Building Bridges interfaith dialogue.

At the after-school Maths Party group Secondary students can receive additional support from their maths teachers or explore further challenges as desired. In the crucial VCE years students can turn to study supervisors to help them with their learning and homework both before and after school, as well as during study periods.