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Strongly Christian in identity, faithful to scripture and the gospel, we embrace a diversity of theological perspectives and encourage students to explore their faith, underscored by genuine unity.

The phrase “a Christian school” is familiar to many. But what does it mean for a child to go to a Christian school? Is Christian education really any different?

When our founding families got together in 1975 to start a school, they did so recognising that education isn’t neutral, but has a particular perspective on life. It may not always be obvious or overtly stated, but it shapes how things are understood and spoken about, how things are done, and what is taught. Recognising this, they knew they had to start a school with a different perspective, a uniquely Christian one, where children are educated by College and parents in a God-given partnership.

As the College has grown, our community has remained true to their vision: to form resilient, character-filled young people of faith. Therefore every aspect of our school centres on Jesus -

He is the image of God, the invisible one, The firstborn of all creation. For in him all things were created, in the heavens and here on earth. Things we can see and things we cannot- thrones and lordships and rulers and powers- All things were created both through him and for Him.

Col 1:15-16




Everything is recognised as God’s domain. Teachers weave different truths or threads onto the framework of the overarching biblical story. Students learn to question and analyse information, issues or beliefs with a critical mind shaped by biblical perspectives.



Teaching staff coordinate experiences that will shape a heart response to the Gospel. Extra-curricular activities include camps from Year 3 through to Year 12, worship assemblies with guest speakers, the Character First Program, daily devotional life and homerooms.



Adults act as guides, mentors or overseers to foster discipleship and student faith experiences. A key focus is to support and encourage student-initiated activities wherever possible, so that they take their own steps to put faith into action.


Christian Education focuses on the development of character, not just the development of knowledge and skills. Whether our students are looking through the telescope or the microscope, whether they study texts or traditions, geography or geology, they are learning and thinking in Jesus’ footsteps.

We aim to celebrate the Christian message through our daily lessons and activities, to show Gospel values in all that we do, to improve biblical literacy among students and to present a faith grounded in Christ’s saving work for all as foundational to life.

That’s the vision for Christian education which drove the school’s founders, and to which we hold today.