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Bushfire And Flood

Pause here and listen to the gentle trickle of water as it flows down to the creek. Look back up the hill and notice the diversity of plants on the hillside and along the bank of the spillway. As you passed the walkway to the Year 8 ‘U’ building you may have noticed tussocks of Green-top Sedge (Carex chlorantha) which is listed as a plant of significance in Yarra Ranges.

Looking up the hill you will see a few different species of trees and shrubs such as Queensland Box (Lophostemon confertus) that host native bees and are resistant to bushfire as well as some magnificent Wollemi Pines (Wollemi nobilis), one of the oldest and rarest trees in the world. The vegetation on this slope and along the bank also acts as a natural filter of surface runoff water draining into this waterway and slows water flow and enable habitat for frogs and insects.