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Experiences outside the classroom, designed to develop capable, confident, and faith-filled students.

Throughout Primary, students enjoy a range of activities, excursions and camps which are specifically designed to complement and enhance their learning experience. Ever popular activities include a Teddy Bear Picnic, Bedtime Story Night, Mini Beast Day, Grandparents' Day and Cartooning Workshops.

Local attractions and sites provide an opportunity for students to delve deeper into various topics that have been covered in the classroom. Day trips to the Royal Botanic Gardens, State Forests, Melbourne Aquarium and zoos encourage students to marvel at God’s creation, building strong connections with what they’ve learnt and the world in which we live.

The Primary camping program begins in Year 3 and continues through to Year 6. From one-night to three-night stays in locations such as Sovereign Hill and CYC Forest Edge, students encounter new and exciting experiences. During the adventure camps in Years 5 and 6 students begin to learn problem-solving, team-building, and personal and social skills, through a range of fun and challenging activities.

Entry into Secondary school brings a diverse array of extra-curricular activities.

At the top of the list would have to be the camping program. The temporary community that’s fostered on a camp provides a rich environment where students are not only encouraged to grow individually, but to work together as a team towards a common goal.

Friendships are built and nurtured along with an increased ability to persevere through difficulties and setbacks. Whether it be negotiating a high wire, cooking on a camp stove, building a raft, or surviving in the snow, there is much to learn from such experiences of God’s wonderful creation.

Beyond the compulsory Year-Level camps, there are several wider options for students to consider. A student exchange to Germany, teaching younger students in Vanuatu, participating in scientific research in Fiji or experiencing life in Cambodia are among some of the opportunities. Take a look at our Overseas Connections page to find out more.

Every year there are many excursions and incursions - well-being workshops, study seminars, trips to the zoo, debating, theatre sports and medieval plays are just a few of the offerings.

All of these, together with the camps, serve to enrich a student’s life at Donvale.

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Enquire about Donvale

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Enquiries and Tours

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How to Enrol

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