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Our approach to wellbeing and learning support is founded on the belief that all students have the right to an education which challenges them and allows them to make meaningful progress.

Differentiation is a key pillar of our classroom teaching philosophy and your child will experience it in all learning contexts at the school. It shapes every interaction between staff and students.

Donvale Christian College offers students flexible pathways to achieve their goals with clear strategies to achieve them. We encourage students to think, problem-solve, reflect and respond to the feedback they receive. We believe it is vital for young people to develop life-skills that will enable them to thrive beyond the school environment.

The Secondary Hub and Primary Learning Support offer nurturing and guidance to help foster positive emotions and resilience. We encourage students toward genuine engagement, as well as a sense of worth. All students, including those with a need for enrichment, extension, support or modification, are provided with opportunities to make their learning meaningful.

Here are some of the programs available:


A program run in conjunction with the College farm, where simple interactions with alpacas, goats or chickens often unlock hidden barriers to learning.


Small groups with a focus on phonics, decoding and reading fluency, as well as subject specific vocabulary and language development.


Small groups with a focus on reinforcement and repetition of core mathematical skills.

English as an Additional Language

Individual or small group sessions to enrich vocabulary and understanding of everyday language.

Social skills

Helping students manage friendships, understand social cues and expected behaviours.

Individual assessment

Sometimes a student may need to be referred to a specialist. Specialist intervention is provided with the assistance of counsellors, speech pathologists, visiting teacher service, occupational therapists, psychologists and tutors. Whatever the nature of the support needed, our main aim is to reflect the grace, compassion, dedication and love of our great Creator God.

Enquire about Donvale

Enquire about Donvale

We welcome all enquiries you may have in relation to the College. Click the button below or call us on 03 9844 2471

Enquiries and Tours

Enquiries and Tours

Take a personal guided tour during school term - explore our learning spaces, see classes in action and ask questions.

How to Enrol

How to Enrol

Enrolment is open to the children of practising Christian parents. See the process that all applications take and what happens next