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Immersed in technology, equipped to learn for a lifetime, and living daily where discipleship and the digital world intersect.

We love technology at Donvale Christian College!

Our approach to the subject builds on the idea that classrooms are dynamic spaces where students are active participants in the learning process. Effective use of technology means resources are easy to access, students collaborate and share information freely, and there is no differentiation between 'doing' technology and learning.

In Primary, students move gradually from being passive consumers of technology to being content creators. They learn to be creative problem solvers using a variety of devices to suit the task at hand.

From Prep to Year 2, classrooms have their own banks of iPads and desktop PCs. As these are the foundation stages of learning with technology, classes focus on how to use technology effectively to display learning, using apps such as PuppetPals HD, Canva, Book Creator and Popplet. We integrate the use of ABC Reading Eggs and Mathletics to support students’ literacy and numeracy learning.

As students move into Year 3 and on through the Primary school, they progress into the applying stage of technology use. They display their learning using Surface Pro devices and take a deeper dive into various coding platforms such as Lego WeDo, BitsBox and Scratch.


Secondary students each have their own Microsoft Surface Pro device giving effortless engagement with technology and the freedom to adapt it to suit their own learning styles and applications. These include using tablet and touch options and digital pen technology that makes learning dynamic and accessible in each class and beyond.

Students work with Office 365 applications, they use digital texts, access online resources easily and are capable of working with a wide range of digital media options as required.

Student safety in the online environment is critical for the Donvale Christian College community. It won’t surprise you to read that from as early as Year 3 students need to learn how to make responsible and effective use of the internet, with its almost unlimited potential for both good and ill.

As one of only a few recognised Microsoft Surface Lighthouse Schools, and in partnership with products like Palo Alto and Saasyan, we provide a comprehensive online cyber safety program for students that allows safe internet usage at school, and also allows you to guide healthy use of your child’s device at home.

Through all their years at Donvale, students learn what it means to be a responsible digital citizen and follower of Christ in the digital space.