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A rich tapestry of talents, together serving one purpose - to educate young women and men to act justly, love kindness and walk humbly with God throughout a lifetime of learning.

Our Governance

Our College Board are the governing body of the College, elected by the members of Donvale Christian College Ltd, a company limited by guarantee who’s purpose is to provide Christian Education for Christian families who are actively involved in a faith community. Parents who have enrolled their children at Donvale, along with others within our College community who have a commitment to Christian Education, can seek membership. The company members elect our College Board at our Annual General Meeting for a term of three years at a time. The elected members are all current parents of the school. They are joined by the Executive Principal and the Business Manager, who are members of the Board ex-officio.

The Board is a governance board that has primary responsibility for policy, finances, and the property. They delegate the overall management of the College to the Executive Principal and the Senior Leadership Team. As a mechanism to fulfill its mandate, the Board establishes a number of standing committees and/or working parties each year. These are forums where more detailed discussions lead to recommendations to the Board for their consideration and approval.

The College Board

Our College Board represents the significant diversity of our College community. There is always a mix of vocations, church involvements, hobbies, ethnicities, training backgrounds, and levels of expertise possessed by those that make up the Board team. Consultancy, HR, legislation, theology, small business, big business, medical practice, schools – each year, their backgrounds vary as new members are elected. Each year, they elect their own leadership, who coordinate working parties where expertise from within and beyond our community are gathered together, to best serve the College as it develops its physical, fiduciary and policy resources.

A fly on the wall at a Board meeting would witness a diverse group of passionate parents of the College ensuring that, under God, they are working diligently to resource the programs of the school financially and through policy formation, whilst liaising with the leadership of the College as it seeks to obediently deliver the mission and vision of the Jesus-following community that is Donvale Christian College.

Senior Leadership Team

If you spend more than a fleeting moment chatting with any one of the Senior Leadership Team members here at Donvale Christian College, you become aware very quickly of the breadth of experiences the team brings to their discussions, leadership and decision making.

They’ve taught all over the world - on four continents, in a dozen or so countries - either formally or in a volunteer capacity. Their personal study backgrounds cover so many disciplines - early years education, junior and senior primary education, maths, sciences, PE, languages, business subjects, humanities, food tech, IT, accounting, theology, international studies. They hold an array of accreditations and a wealth of experiences beyond the school environment too. Sportsmen and sportswomen, musicians, theatre performers, para-church and church involvement and leadership, bloggers, artisans, pastors and preachers.

But what are they like as teachers and administrators?

In all they do with students, colleagues and parents, they seek to live out the College’s mission, commitment and values. They do their best to model the best in teaching, great care in pastoral work, and the highest integrity in administration. It’s dynamic, energetic and authentic - that’s a promise!

'As a team, we consistently spend time in prayer together, seeking God’s guidance and direction as we lead the College. It’s a privilege and an honour God has given us - we’re determined to keep him central to our thinking and glorified through all that happens within the College.'