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The Christian faith we hold as teachers, as parents, as the community of Donvale Christian College, forms the foundation for all that we do.

From the very beginning, there has been a desire for Donvale Christian College to remain strongly Christian in its identity: faithful to Scripture, true to the Gospel. This was forged out of a Reformed foundation and has grown over the last four decades to embrace Christians from diverse theological perspectives.

It has created a beautiful melting pot as people from different Christian traditions have rubbed shoulders and demonstrated genuine unity. Currently, we have more than 1300 students from more than 750 families within our community. Our families attend churches from 80 different denominations, encompassing 225 parish locations. Our staff, who are all active in church communities, represent a similar diversity of denominational involvements.

In this unique community, we take the time to listen and learn from one another, respecting other’s opinions as we prayerfully navigate the complex world in which we live. Our desire in this is to glorify God as the best that “ecumenical” can be in seeking unity in the context of our diverse backgrounds.

We seek to be God’s people together, unified through our faith in Christ, with the Bible as our source of God’s truth revealed to the world.

If you'd like to dig deeper, please read our full Statement of Principles and Values.