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Year 9 is widely recognised as a transitional year, when young people begin to move from an introspective view of the world to an outward community engagement.

In a new purpose-built learning centre with an environmental focus, students investigate the world around them from various perspectives and subject disciplines, both prescribed and elective.

Term One - Marvel and Mystery

What was God’s original plan for us? How does that impact our current Kingdom living? Students learn that working with others helps them to understand themselves; and simply being in, and reflecting on, creation helps them to understand God. The term culminates in a week living and working alongside each other to complete a journey in the Bogong High Plains. We seek to answer the question, “How do we see God’s goodness in the revelation of His creation?”

Term Two - Fallen Humanity

Recognising that ‘The Fall’ has affected all parts of creation, including ourselves, we explore the nature of this fallen reality. Health Experience is our integrated week for this term, which has us grappling with the eight dimensions of wellness. Students reflect on what a biblical perspective looks like in relation to wellness dimensions such as emotional; intellectual; environmental, and so on. The purpose of this term is to enable each student to answer the question, “Who am I in Christ?”

Term Three - Experiences in Renewal

Now the students start to shift their focus outward to the world around them. Having spent some time in second term examining their own journey, during this term students start to learn how they can partner with God to restore our world and so discover God’s calling on their lives. We spend two weeks on a city experience wrestling with the big question, “How is our city both a triumph and a tragedy?”

Term Four - Future Shift

The step back into mainstream school life for Year 10 is now just around the corner. How then are we, as members of God’s church on earth with a future hope of a different world, to live here and now? So this term we dive back into God’s creation to see just what responsibilities we have in taking care of our world, seeking to answer the question: “Why is being a faithful steward important for eternity as well as today?”

The climax of the term, and indeed the year, is Create to Advocate where students are asked, “What stirs your heart?” and in response to that embark on a creative project that ends in a display night for parents and friends. Each year this night stirs the heart of our community as we are reminded that our young people are creative, intelligent and earnest in their desire to see Christ’s Kingdom come.

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