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From the moment a child takes their first steps into a Primary year, a dynamic partnership unfolds between their parents and the school, where Christ is central to learning and Christian community is cherished.


Even before the first official day of school an extensive orientation program for preschool students begins. There are story times, movement and music sessions, and classroom play-based activities which help a child begin to feel they belong at Donvale. They are welcomed in a way which tells them that they and their families belong to our community and each has a unique contribution to make.

In the first years of Primary students explore the way that they have been ‘fearfully and wonderfully made.’ Classrooms are abuzz as students engage in hands-on learning and structured experiences, building solid foundations for future learning. We encourage each child’s sense of wonder at new discoveries and foster creative thinking across all subjects.

Literacy and numeracy are key focuses right through Primary, being essential for success in a wide range of academic and practical pursuits. Small group and targeted teaching allows us to shape the curriculum so that each student can learn and grow at the pace which best suits them. We follow an explicit phonics program which encompasses spelling, reading, and writing in a multi-sensory approach. Our maths curriculum is based on sound research and follows a sequential series of understandings and skills. Thematic units delve into deeper explorations of God’s amazing world, emphasising Biblical perspectives and developing the ability to think critically.

Alongside these essential building blocks to learning we offer a range of opportunities in performing arts, visual arts, sport, music, science, and language learning. The use of best practice technology is an integral part of daily lessons.

Donvale Primary is a community where staff and parents alike share a desire to see students grow in confidence and independence as we prepare them for Secondary school and a lifetime of learning. It’s our daily prayer that our students will thrive as they follow the school motto to act justly, love kindness and walk humbly with Jesus throughout their school years.