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At Donvale Christian College we recognise diversity of talent, diversity of interest and diversity of need.


Students begin each school year at very different stages in their learning and development. Teachers aim to establish where individuals are in their learning, to meet students’ differing learning needs and to ensure that each student is appropriately challenged.

Every student is capable of learning if they are supported with an environment where they are motivated and engaged, prepared to make an effort, and provided with well-designed learning opportunities. Thus, every student can expect to make excellent progress in their learning, regardless of their starting point.

Students also learn in different ways and at a different pace from one another, so we seek to incorporate a combination of strategies to help engage and develop every student. These include differentiation and ‘in class’ enrichment activities along with a range of learning enrichment opportunities outside the classroom.

Students at Donvale experience school as an environment where top ATAR results are not the only measure of success. The thing that really matters is to cultivate every student’s gifts and sense of purpose, so every teacher whom your children meet is there to help them discover and develop their own God-given abilities.

Whether in class or not, students at every level use technology today in a way which responds to the needs of tomorrow. Not only do we offer Secondary students subjects such as Digital Technology, Coding, or Computing, but the use of technology is an integral part of learning throughout the school, whatever the subject.

Finally, as partners with parents in the task of educating young Christian people, we take seriously our stewardship of relationships, resources and reputation.