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A change of gears as students embark upon the last three years of school and explore possible pathways to the future.


In Years 10-12 the curriculum is largely elective-based, and we partner with other organisations to enable access to vocational courses where appropriate. Our ‘Pathways Coordinator’ helps students shepherd their passions, values, interests and skills into a vocational application.

This process begins in earnest in Year 10 and includes interviews, exposure to different courses and careers, reflection journals, testing, curriculum refinement, and presentations by external providers. Students discuss in depth how to honour God and further His Kingdom in what each one does with their work future.

Our VCE curriculum is broad and the choices available ensure students have the prerequisites for any university course.

In 2021 90% of our students who applied were offered places in the major Melbourne tertiary institutions in a wide range of courses, with 83% receiving their first or second choice.

Under our Year Level coordinators, Faculty coordinators and Head of Senior Secondary we have shaped a rich and rewarding learning culture. Teaching staff work in collaborative teams, past students are employed as on- study tutors, and students have a maturity about their learning that makes it easy for staff to go ‘above and beyond’ to help them succeed.

Year 12 is a pivotal year in the journey to adulthood. We therefore provide regular opportunities for students to strengthen their social supports, their learning disciplines, their faith and their preparation for life beyond school. Student leadership plays an important role here, with senior students entrusted with running assemblies, initiating worship and social justice activities, and organising their Houses for sporting and artistic competitions.

They provide a fine and moving example of compassion, altruism, learning culture and Christian faith in action.

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