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We're introducing Mandarin to our curriculum in 2019

From the beginning of 2019, Mandarin will replace German as our Language alongside English from Prep through to Year 4. In 2020 this will extend into Year 5, and then into Year 6 in 2021. From 2022, German will no longer be offered in the Primary Years.

In Secondary, Mandarin will be introduced in 2022 at Year 7 and will be offered alongside German as a language study option.

This change is being made in recognition of the enormous cultural, commercial, and social changes that have occurred not only in Melbourne, but in Australia as a whole, during the decades since the foundation of our school. There is no doubt that for Australians in the 21st century an understanding of China, its culture and language, will be beneficial for social, professional, and missional reasons.

See the full announcement from Tim, our Executive Principal.