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Developing our Primary Classes

From the beginning of 2020 Primary classes will be taught in single year classes from Prep to Year 6, replacing composite classes in Years 1-6. We anticipate that there will be a maximum of four classes in each Year level.

We see this change as crucial to maintaining a strong sense of community within an ever-increasing student population. As our Year groups in the Senior Primary already hover around 100 students, this change will provide us with greater levels of community engagement as we plan significant Year-based activities throughout each calendar year.

As we look forward to 2019, 2020, and beyond, enrolment waiting lists now exist for many year levels throughout the College. This challenge of managing waiting lists in a transparent, fair and efficient manner is a new one for us, but it’s one we embrace with enthusiasm as we see God growing our College community. Changing the Primary class structure will provide a greater reliability around enrolled numbers for families and the school alike.

See the full announcement from Tim, our Executive Principal.