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A small gathering of dignitaries, guests and staff, past and present, joined together to celebrate the history and the future of our new dedicated Year 9 Campus at Hall Road in Warrandyte South.

Once Warrandyte South Primary School, then Youth Dimension, and now part of Donvale Christian College, the grounds at Hall Road have seen many generations of young people educated, trained, and guided through their formative years. And as we were reminded by both Brooke Prentis through her Acknowledgement of Country, and Safina Stewart through her beautiful commissioned artwork, the land and its indigenous stewards have seen much more before that. So we are called to remember that it is not ours, but ultimately God's land upon which we are blessed to be able to educate and care for the students he has given us.

It was lovely to hear from Stewart Miller, the first Principal of the school, and John Kroon, the founding Chairman of the Board, who shared something of what it means to them to see the College continue to grow and serve its students. Lindsay Tunbridge, Executive Director of Youth Dimension, shared with us their heart for training and mentoring young Christians, a strongly shared value with the College.

And current staff member, Cam Brookes, also a former student of Warrandyte South Primary, and ministry volunteer with Youth Dimension, reflected on what it meant to him to see this site become part of the College. Viv Stapleton, our Director of Christian Foundations, closed by leading us through a time of reflection.