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In 2014, Donvale made the decision to incorporate Microsoft Surface devices across our campus, to help teachers deliver better learning in the classroom, provide a wider range of learning environments and to ensure our students have the digital literacy and technological skills they need to thrive in the future workforce. Our approach has been so successful that we have recently been recognised as a top-tier Microsoft Surface Lighthouse School for the second year running.

This is the highest level of recognition possible from Microsoft for Australian schools, and means we are now part of an exclusive cohort of schools delivering outstanding learning using Surface devices. We have been leading the way in digital learning for some time now and are thrilled to be listed as a Surface Lighthouse School.

This recognition also comes with new levels of collaboration, support and resources from Microsoft, which will be of great benefit to our students, staff and the wider school community.

You can read more about the Surface Lighthouse School program and what it means for us here.